Australia Reopening to International Students

Australian Ambassador to Indonesia, Penny Williams. Credits The Jakarta Post

Jakarta,— Australia has reopened its borders to fully vaccinated international students, skilled migrants, working holiday makers and a range of other visa classes.

“We are very pleased to be able to reopen our borders to eligible travellers from Indonesia”, said Penny Williams, Australian Ambassador to Indonesia.

“This announcement is good news for Indonesian citizens seeking to head to Australia – including to begin or resume their studies, or to commence a working holiday”, said Ambassador Williams.

A full list of eligible visa classes is available at

Visa holders are considered fully vaccinated seven days after they have completed a full course of an approved or recognised vaccine, including a mixed dose. A full list of approved vaccines is available at

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Prospective travellers should also be aware of the quarantine and testing requirements that apply in the State or Territory they are landing, and the penalties for non-compliance. This information is available on the respective state or territory health website: [B-11]